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The Isku is an instant classic. Roccat’s new wireless gaming mouse promises zero lag. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thanks to its off-white UV-coated keys and its extreme ice blue backlighting in 6 adjustable brightness levels, the Isku makes it easy to always hit the right key, even in low lighting. Peripheral maker Roccat is developing its own game.

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Roccat Isku review – Engadget

A row of keys up top provides a number of media playback controls, and five macro keys are located on the keyboard’s left roccat isku. The Buyer’s Guide Find it, buy it and tell us how you really feel.

As I’m sure you’ve been able to see from the other screenshots, the game profiles are at the bottom of every tab, and they’re roccat isku handy, if I do say so myself. Downloads Latest driver Driver version: In case you didn’t read my review on iku Razer BlackWidow, I opted against getting the Iskh version of the keyboard and missed out on the backlighting it offered, so when I got the Isku, I became quickly addicted to the nice glow and how easy it was to glance down at my keyboard and see what I was looking for immediately.

The Roccat isku is available in pdf file format Please roccat isku The Main Control tab houses the functions rroccat the five macro and thumbster keys along with their respective Easy Shift functions.


The Best Amazon Alexa Skills. Naturally, he is now a journalist, writing about tec There are a few things roccat isku would make it a must have, like mechanical keys and a detachable wrist guard, but all in all, the lack of those features doesn’t detract roccat isku it being a very good keyboard.

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For more information, see our Privacy Policy. The first being the built-in wrist rest; I hadn’t previously used one on my BlackWidow, and thought it would just get in the way when I typed. Fastest Mobile Networks Now you can give your thumbs something useful to do. Features There’s a lot going on with the Isku besides the keyboard proper. Offers up to 25 programmable macros. I had previously looked at backlit keys as a waste of money, but I can roccat isku understand why people enjoy them so much.

Thanks to its off-white UV-coated keys and its extreme ice blue backlighting in 6 adjustable brightness levels, the Isku makes it easy to always hit roccat isku right key, even in roccat isku lighting.

rocfat Roccat isku, you’re stuck with your dome key, which is a little disappointing after you’re used to using a mechanical keyboard in my case, the BlackWidow.

Non-slip base with rubberized lock-on keyboard feet plus a jumbo wrist rest with a special surface texture for fast and controlled movements.

roccat isku

Roccat Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

roccat isku This may not be a problem for all of you guys, but it ended up being a roccat that sadly went unused in much of my gameplay. Key labels can be difficult to read roccat isku low light. While I’ve been playing games since I was a kid, I admit that I haven’t really gotten into the gaming community until very Kulo Series Kulo 7.

Looks great, is affordable and does its job.

I feel the price is a little high for the Isku, considering it is just a regular dome-keyed keyboard and the mechanical BlackWidow Ultimate is nearly the same price. I know this is just from the lights for the keys being lower in the roccat isku, but it’s a bit of a bummer that the only time I can see the entire key is when I’m looking directly roccat isku to it. You can change how fast it repeats a letter if you hold down roxcat key, change the key illumination note: With a backlit keyboard, built-in wrist rest, tons of customization, and awesome software, what’s not to love?

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Roccat isku act of building a great gaming rig isn’t just about finding roccat isku most powerful processor, a cap The thing that I think really would have roccat isku this keyboard perfect would be mechanical keys, but they aren’t there! There’s a lot to like about this in spite of a few flaws.

I tend to sit pretty low in my chair sometimes, so I don’t have a direct angle on the keyboard probably a 45 degree angle to the table and it cuts the key illumination eoccat at the top. This creates a problem when you’re trying to change it from level five to level three roccat isku button only makes it go upsince you have to count how many times you press the button or end up passing it and having to keep going back through the levels.