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The manual is well written and intuitively easy to understand. However, we ran the MSI KT3’s result three times, each time the results were within a second of each other, so we can be sure of our numbers. That doesn’t change anything but we just found it interesting. Most of today’s most demanding applications are memory bandwidth hungry, therefore it stands to reason that a more efficient memory controller should, ceteris paribus, bring about greater performance. The main IDE ports, along with the floppy port are located sensibly to the right of the board. A new addition to our benchmarking-suite is Pifast. The KT is slightly faster and should come-to-market at about the same price.

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We’re seeing a continuing trend here, one that shows that running asynchronously offers a small benefit.

We see the standard 5 PCI slots bit, 33Mhz along with a rather redundant CNR slot, we’d wish motherboard manufacturers would dispense with these. We’re reviewing a full production model from one the most well-regarded motherboard manufacturers, MSI Micro Star International. Put simply, it calculates nsi constant Pi to X million decimal places using the fastest method possible.

Firstly, let’s have a look at Fastest. Bios duty is handled by AMI, version 3.

Subjective listening revealed that whilst not on a par with Nforce’s excellent APU, the on-board solution was more than adequate for general Windows duty, we’d say it was on a par with C-Media’s excellent ulttra series of codecs.

Click to find out more. Fortunately, our efforts were handled impeccably by the KT3, not a single crash mei over 16 hours of running Prime95 torture test and SETI concurrently.

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In that time we didn’t have one crash that could be attributable to the motherboard, It was and is the paradigm of stability. Another bracket offers up to 4 Audioo 2. As shown above, we chose the most aggressive options available in testing. The weight of the unopened box is enough to inform you of that. Unfortunately, at the time of testing, we didn’t have access to bluetooth devices to verify just how well it works.

VIA KT333 Motherboard Roundup – June 2002

Remember that Bluetooth offers very little bandwidth 1Mbpswhich isn’t sufficient for any type of PC network. The inclusion of a number of performance-enhancing options seems not to have impacted on MSI’s stability. The slightly increased usable memory bandwidth available allows the MSI in DDR mode to pull ahead of itself in DDR mode by approximately 10fps, not a significant amount, but one that by now we expected.

Fuzzy Logic is a particular favourite of ours, it safely overclocks your CPU through Windows, thereby eliminating many failed bootups. As the Athlon matured, so did Via’s chipsets. The inclusion of ATA support is another future-proof move that should pay dividends as soon as hard drives catch up.

In today’s rather homogenous world, it’s pleasing to see a motherboard manufacturer try to make their product stand out, the vibrant red certainly does that. If stability is your primary goal then the MSI should certainly be on your shortlist.

We’ve found this combination to be the most stable in our stress tests. Qudio and Installation The extensive specification list informs you that this board is jam-packed with features. No gaming review would be complete without visiting our old favourite, Quake 3.

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If you’re looking for a Socket A motherboard ultda replace one from an older platform, or are seeking one that will give you maximal performance, then the MSI should most definitely make it onto your shortlist.

One interesting inclusion that we’ve not seen before is support, albeit limited, for bluetooth wireless communication. Let’s have a look at how our protagonists got on when set to calculate Pi to 10 million places. Let’s have a look at the board and its specification.

Here we see an interesting result. Interestingly, on closer inspection of the board, we see markings that indicate FSB CPU operation selectable by jumper.

Unfortunately, on our uadio at least, there is no accompanying jumper. Whilst slightly improving on an already excellent chipset, we feel as if Via’s efforts were not totally convincing.

MSI KT3 Ultra ARU Motherboard Review

The KTA boasted an enhanced North bridge with a far more efficient memory controller coupled with deeper memory buffers. MSI don’t give you a motherboard so much as a package.

We know that many of our readers are interested in SETI.