Though the 1st two links didn’t worked for download of the patch but the 3rd link mentioned in the solution worked for me. Hp pavilion dvwm Audio mode: Acckkk 4 days of this. Hope you could help. Are you referring to the zip file in your link under “Update 1”? U r really Gr8.

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Thank you one more time: When I reboot, I have no sound and there is no audio hardware found So there are sfe bunch of yellow! I reinstalled windows and only audio drivers weren’t recognized.

problem sound soundcard (Page 1) – DriverPack Sound – Forum

I checked the registry and is already set. This fixed my audio problem on my Lenovo. Can any one help me how to get back my drivers.

Can hear the sounds from my system now. I already thought I would have to downgrade to SP2 but your solution saved me!

HP Microsoft QFE Update (KB835221) to Support UAA Bus Driver

I tried your solution and it worked like magic. Unzip and find your language folder 6. Hi, I’m trying already for few days to get the sound from my comp, but unsuccessfully. Funny thing is that before the registry update during the SP3 installation, I can stream youtube videos fine. I tried your methods and I was able to get audio to work for the windows media player and also for the streaming through windows media, but when I try to stream youtube videos, I get the video but no sound.



I can hear sound if my speaker is turned ON but not through my earphone jack. I found this option useful: Is there updatte solution?

Did you tried to install official Acer drivers from here? Hey Anon, Have you tried grabbing drivers from intel link i gave? Can anyone provide help. Enter your email address: S Can anyone help with this at all? Everything installed fine, except my sound card, which isn’t even detected bis Windows.

In doing this process of getting audio to work for this laptop, has anyone else encountered the laptop asking for TWO drivers for microsoft qfe update kb835221 to support uaa bus, “Audio Device on High Definition on Audio Bus”?

Hey Miccrosoft, How about drivers from Acer support site? I will look into the links you have sent. I’d checked with Intel people as well, micrlsoft were also not able to resolve the problem. My system is on sp2, so i directly installed the sp2 file you named before, and it didnt work.


Bored SysAdmin’s Blog: Windows XP SP3 and Microsoft HD Audio UAA Problems (Update 3)

In vista i get all the features working cool. KB solves the problem without registry editing. I microsoft qfe update kb835221 to support uaa bus really ignore such detailed comment. Hey Jose, I saw your comment before, but not sure why all setting revert on windows reboot. If you where here i would kiss you. Hi, i been trying many method but the no sound device problem just come back like randomly sometime i turn off the comp and turn it back on and the audio found but now it gone and it doesn’t come back again even it come back i use it for like 20 min and the no sound after that.

I’m a bit confused. Hey Bismuth, I not really sure if this can help you, but I’d give a chance