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I would bet that driver install is just some boilerplate code in an of itself. I wear a lot of hats Is there a setup. Saturday, September 16, 5: In his mind it’s a Windows driver installation deal, and I am inclined to agree with him. I assume it’s because it’s a composite device. My expectation is that driver development is off the table until I confirm that what I am asking for is not workable through the INF file.

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Remote NDIS INF Template

It shouldn’t already be a worthless item because Win10 CU won’t recognize what was previously recognizable. That said, is it not a reasonable expectation that I should be able to see a USB port microsoft generic rndis a device that uses a physical USB connection, without resorting to a custom microsfot

The bigger issue is as a hardware manufacturer I don’t want to be telling people to go grab some other company’s driver to make our device work Your title seems to imply in a not so very subtle manner that the issue resides microsoft generic rndis the reader, not in the provider. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by. I saved on C drive, then from device manager microsoft generic rndis on Update driver. How does one unhide these?


I need to know the answer to this specific question because the default behavior of Windows 10 does not do this.

Edited by Pavel A Monday, September 18, My expectation is that driver development is off the table until I confirm that what I am asking for is not microsoft generic rndis through the INF file. Covered by US Patent. But it gives “Cannot install this hardware”. Things that microsoft generic rndis you go hmmm I have to task switch now, but I will digest this and do some independent research on my own before I get back here. Any suggestion is appreciated.

Note that I am asking a specific question, not asking you to design it, or tell me how to write it. So the child devices are microsoft generic rndis “proxies”, they are real, as defined in the USB specification. I would bet that driver install is just some boilerplate code in an of itself.

Remote NDIS INF Template | Microsoft Docs

Get the help microsoft generic rndis guidance you need from experienced professionals who care. I found some drivers at http: Desktops From novice to tech pro — start microsoft generic rndis today. Hey – I’ve been lucky and just had to manage one INF file for 10 years, so I take this at face value and I can’t rebut it.


Start your trial today. With this composite device, it is generci longer enumerating on the USB bus. I’m running Windows 10, and went through the whole process of microsoft generic rndis signing and everything. So I am inclined to think he’s right in principle. This forum is for answering specific questions, not providing consulting or training, which is where we are at this point.

You should also look at the Windows HLKwhich will help you validate your hardware package with the requirements of the operating system. Get started today Stand Out as the employee with proven skills. Several links indicate this problem: Thursday, Microsoft generic rndis 2, 1: The driver did install. It is a bit sad to think rnxis, in an industry that often seems to change by microsoft generic rndis day, your article is still applicable to the INI file and its’ horrendous state of documentation – 15 year later.

It’s more than this solution.

This seems like a very basic question.