This is a server, designed for long term reliability. There is no provision in the bios for any form of overclocking, timing or voltage adjustment. If you are thinking of buying one as a server for your business, don’t put it where you will depend on it – because if it ever goes wrong, you’ll have gone bust before the spare parts arrived. View our privacy policy before signing up. Flexible systems design methodologies allow you to configure the Acer Altos G Mk2 to match your budget.

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There is a hot-plug backplane available for SATA drives essentially having it means you do not have to open the side of the case to change hard drives over. Case Open – Being a server, if you open the case, next time you reboot the bios will complain and halt the bootup.

Now a bit older and dustier, with several hard drives in each, they usually sit at the next fan speed up when idle – not noisy, but I know they are on now. When new and with only one or two hard drives fitted, these are nice quiet machines, with the fans rarely going faster than their minimum speed. It’s not a problem, but don’t open the case and then expect the machine to boot fully without going into the bios and clearing the case open status.

Hard Drive Caddies As standard, the machine comes without any caddies aka easy-swap acer altos g330 fitted.

Unfortunately that’s not possible – see below. One 92mm four pin fan with finger guard already attached, one bag of fixing pins. Acer altos g330 exceptional price performance allows the Acer Altos Solution partner community to offer acer altos g330 and printer Server features at Desktop prices.

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Only a better version of the ethernet driver is known to be available. Rear view of the two caddies, this time with both of them pushed fully into place. Infoteam suggested three parts: At turn on the fans run at full speed for a few seconds, and then rapidly acer altos g330 down.

Google opens new Melbourne office.

Acer Altos G Specs – CNET

Links Thread on the Ebuyer Forums where a lot of the issues on this page were highlighted – and also maybe what brought you to this page! Best in class redundancy and scalability solutions The Acer Altos Altoos Mk2 allows you to configure the acer altos g330, to adapt to your business requirements.

Parts are not available same week, forget same day. There were some pages on their Chinese website, but these are now gone. There are 6 SATA ports, so it is not possible to utilise all the drive bays without an add-in card. As far as I am aware, other suppliers will generally source their parts through Infoteam, thus there is no way of getting around the delay unless you are lucky and the supplier has the part acer altos g330 in stockalso it will acer altos g330 cost you more to go elsewhere.

Compared to even a basic i3 windows graphics are laggy and at times frustratingly slow, surfing is difficult, and at acer altos g330 painful with Flash enabled sites. Note that the lever has to be open to fit the caddy into the case. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. The parcel came by DHL, so if you’re not in during the week collecting them could be a pain the depots close at 6pm, but are open on Saturdays.


Based on my experience, I am not impressed with the parts backup.

Acer Altos G330 Mk2 Server

Two caddies fitted into the server. But put acer altos g330 graphics card in the x16 slot and the performance will not be as good as you might expect, if indeed the machine boots at all. wcer

I was quoted a ridiculous 30 working days for delivery! For a while I had a third from ebay as well. I find acer altos g330 the windows graphics acceleration aaltos putting more graphics load onto the processor makes a small improvement.

Easy to install and manage Acer EasyBuild simplifies the installation and set-up, by providing an intuitive GUI based process and by providing all relevant tools to set altow your Acer Altos G Mk2. It looks like the floppy drive cage could be removed to fit another 5. Drive Bays Acer altos g330 theory the machine has acer altos g330 5.

This is a crazy situation and makes acer altos g330 acet little more than guesswork Infoteam’s staff can do little to help, they can only work from the information on their screens in front of them. The fan in place on the side of the hard drives bay. See the Wikipedia page on PCI. acer altos g330

On Board Graphics – The on-board graphics is at best only adequate for 2D and Windows use, and simply is not acer altos g330 to gaming use.