April 26, at I am using the exact same setup except with a IRF mosfet instead of the one listed. Thanks Mads, That is very true about Facebook, and I They radiate lots of UV light, so use UV-protective sunglasses and be wary of sunburns. I passed with flying colors and am still enjoying this unique device in its own neat case. You can avoid that by using high voltage coil driver transistors which can eat volts or maybe more. I am going to try making a more advanced version soon using the SGAN chip.

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Connect the ground to the clamp that holds the cores together — do not wind a short-circuit in a closed loop full turn! Secondly, there is no apparent arrangement to detect saturation of the coil at the drain. Please allow me recognise in order that I may subscribe. Okay I think that the 10k and 9k are potentiometers. Pinout For those of you who have never seen a flyback transformer before, it may be a bit tricky to know where the primary, ground and other pins are.

And is there anyway to remove the cap in the 3rd flyback without destroying my secondary?

Im having problemvwith my circuit,i built it two times but everytime it runs for few seconds and then turns off and never works again. Pay attention to correct coil phasing, if using a DC flyback!

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Hello Aiden Using the original primary windings would require that you do not exceed the driving specifications of the primary coil, you will risc internal arcing that will lead to the destruction of your old and precious flyback transformer. December 30, at The main heat mosfet comes flybaxk the bad absorbed spike from the primary and the low rising and falling time of the but if mosfrt use a good driver like I said, mosfet will not heat anymore.

Flyback Transformer Drivers

5555 I was wondering if you know whether anyone has manged to get this working with the IRF mosfet. The current seams to be small.

Hope you are not alliowing the output to hiss freely anywhere near the IC…. I just need no more than 12 KV to operate a homemade Marx generator. Also don’t wield the hot HV wire barehanded, but use a “chicken-stick” or non-conductive rod to move the HV or ground wires.

Audio modulated flyback | Kaizer Power Electronics

November 19, at Also, use mains ground PE. I 55 burned my finger! Im doing something related to this for a school science fair project and cannot find some of the parts. A longer ON time will give a greater current in the current sensing resistor. Welcome to our site!

why 555 based flyback drivers explode 555 ICs

This is what I hate the most. This depends on both the inductance value and the resistor value. Does anyone know of any designs where one could use this plasma speaker as a tweeter.


Compared to the old frequency I now have a longer and more silent arc. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of fflybackprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

BTW can just I brute number of turns in primary without secondary? However, i notice im supposed to get a silent arc? The amplitude flybxck the spikes is in the millivolt range. This is what I hate the most. December 13, at It is currently set to run between kHz, which should be a large enough range to sweep through any harmonics a flyback may have.

Hence why you can not further modulate this topology by just modulating the power supply. This is a diode across the transformer primary, with cathode at the Vs side. November 27, at The circuit exactly I did built from is shown below:.